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The dice game of Craps has been popular for hundreds of years, and may have even been used by Roman soldiers to help pass the time. We bring you guidelines to all the best casino games here at, which is why we knew we had to give you the basics of this one. Read all about it here, and then start enjoying it for yourself at some of our recommended Canadian online casinos.

The Basics of Mobile Craps

Craps is an elegant game that can seem deceptively simple at first, but the more you play the more you’ll understand its subtle complexities. In every game, 2 dice are rolled on a specially demarcated table and players need to put money on where they will land. In offline casinos, you would physically throw the dice, and in the digital casinos lined up at Random Number Generation recreates the effect on screen to perfection.

Best Online Craps Games

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Each round of the game consists of the Come Out and Point Phases, and you need to place mobile Craps wagers in both. Each different area of the table represents different bets, and when you put this together with the 2-phase betting you can see how it’s possible to have more than 40 outcomes. The left and right sides of the table are for Pass/Don’t Pass, Come/Don’t Come and Odds Bets among others, while the central area is reserved for Proposition Bets.

Mobile Craps Canada

Strategy in Mobile Craps

The more you get to know the mobile Craps game, the more you’ll understand the bets and which of them work best for you. Most of the online and mobile casinos listed here have a no-deposit option as well, which gives you the chance to practice and build up your skills and confidence before placing any real money bets. Check out the online chatrooms and other resources and guidelines, and then use this practice mode to develop and refine what you learn. As a very basic starting point, there are a few things we can point out.

The best thing to do is establish the betting pattern of raising wagers when you’re winning and lowering them when you’re losing early, and then sticking to it. You should also not quit directly after a win, and should start off with Come/Don’t Come and Pass/Don’t Pass line bets because these have a low house edge and always offer a 50-50 chance of doubling up.

Once you’ve placed one of these mobile Craps wagers you’ll be allowed to place Odds Bets, which carry even smaller house edges. The other possible stakes carry huge house edges, so you need to be careful and give yourself time, but their risks are definitely matched by their rewards. In the end, it all depends how lucky you’re feeling on any given day.

Ready to Roll the Dice?

No matter how much of a risk you feel like taking, you’ll always find the game of mobile Craps stimulating, challenging and entertaining – and potentially very rewarding! Check it out in all its glory at some of the fine Canadian gambling sites we’ve lined up for you here at today!