Poker Online Canada

Poker is the most popular card game in the world, and when you see how robust yet refined it is you’ll understand why. It’s become just as popular in the digital arena, thanks to the huge payouts and convenience you can enjoy, and nowhere more so than right here in Canada.

Our aim at is to help you get the most from every online gambling experience, which is why we list all the best Canadian online casino sites to play at and why we’ve put some basic game guidelines together for you. Check them out before you try some of the action for yourself.

Best Online Poker Games

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Basics for Beginners

Poker Games for Mobile Phones

Several variations of the game have developed over the years, but the basic principles are the same in all of them. The round begins with each player getting dealt their cards – in most versions this will be a hand of 5. Once everyone has reviewed their cards they need to place a bet, which supposedly shows how confident they are that their hand will win. All wagers are placed in a central pot.

You can choose to bet or fold and forfeit the round, and after every player has done this all cards are revealed. The player with the best hand wins the round and the pot, according to a strict hand-ranking system that is shown below from the best to the worst combination.

  • Royal Flush: Same-suit sequential cards from the 10 to the Ace
  • Straight Flush: Any 5 sequential cards of the same suit
  • Four of a Kind: 4 cards of the same rank with 1 other
  • Full House: 2 same-rank cards and 3 same-rank cards of another rank, such as A-A-2-2-2
  • Straight: 5 sequential cards of different suits
  • Three of a Kind: 3 same-rank cards with 2 unmatched others
  • Two Pair: 2 pairs of the same rank along with one other
  • One Pair: 1 same-ranked pair and 3 unmatched cards
  • High Card: 5 unmatched cards, with the hand named after its highest-ranking card

The real skill of the game comes in reading other players and in bluffing about your own hand. More experienced players often stay in the game even if their cards are worse than what is in a novice’s hand, simply by picking up the tells that reveal bluffs and by giving nothing of their own hand away. This incredible blend of strategy, probability and psychology is what makes Poker so irresistible and intriguing to players in Canada and across the rest of the world.

Developing Your Strategy

Whether playing online or offline, it takes time to refine your game and polish your skills when playing this king of card games. Online and mobile games don’t allow you to read players’ physical tells in the traditional way of land-based games, so you need to look out for other clues like playing speed and chat comments.

There are plenty of online resources in Canada to help you with your game plan, including dedicated advice websites and forums and specific tools such as applications that highlight your common mistake patterns.

Most of the mobile casino sites we showcase here at allow you to play for free as well, so you can practice and build confidence before staking any real money. Developing your own style is an essential part of the journey, so make sure you enjoy it. Get started on your Poker adventures right now!